Reimagine all-new ways to shop, providing user a ultimate retail experiences for China and international market and connect customers with your brand.

Science of Selling

As a user focused design and digital agency, we expertise in enhancing customer engagement with brands. over the years we learned that each client / customer has unique needs and that a readymade solution is not helpful in achieving maximum result or ROI. We craft a original user based design for your eCommerce website to specifically focus your core target audience and create a unique user experience that is both  rewarding and make your customer happy. At swotin we covers all aspects of e-commerce functionality, delivering a complete solutions for your brand.


eCommerce Strategy

We develop a thorough understanding of your online branding/ marketing goal and provide a strategic direction that satisfy you and your customer.


Indépendant Platform

The eCommerce platform will be hosted at your server, totally independent platform loaded with customised solution to satisfy your customer needs.


Design & User Experience

Deliver a creative and purposeful user experience that will provide a better conversion rate and provide a easy user interaction and great first impression


Fully Featured

From system integration, wechat, coupon, affiliate, EDM, payment gateways for china / international and more… you name it we got it.


Responsive commerce

By developing a flexible framework we carry the shopping experience across devices, no matter what what device your customer use, we will make sure they can able to shop.



Clean code, image optimisation without loosing quality and most importantly load balancing by distributing website load across different server.

Powerful Platform

Whether you have 100,000 SKUs or only a handful; whether you are an established online retailer or new to eCommerce, we work with the most effective eCommerce platforms to deliver results tailored to your needs and requirements.

Digital presents endless opportunities for retail and we’re passionate about building amazing eCommerce projects for great clients.

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