Founded in 2009 at Hong Kong and Shanghai (China), SWOTin is an creative , full-service digital studio and a online marketing firm that matches premier design services with marketing strategy that yield better ROI. When we design or develop we always combines the latest trends in technology, delivering premium web development, intricate website design services and a powerful marketing or branding strategy.

bpOur multi-cultered, multi-talented team is dedicated to creating and maintaining a long-term relationship with every client. We believe success is only achieved when our clients are able to achieve their goals, and we do everything to ensure those goals are met.


Every business needs a strategy, and we believe in helping you build and maintain one. By implementing and using innovative technology (as well as taking the latest trends into consideration), we are able to work with your overall goals and budget to help you move in a new and positive direction.

User Experience

Our number one goal is to build websites that are incredibly user-friendly. We strive to create a positive experience for the end user by using a creative balance of colors and contrast ratios. We also ensure all websites are easy to read, simple to navigate and compatible with various media types.


In order to create wonderful websites that deliver results, the latest technology is essential. At SWOTin, we believe in using the latest technology to deliver web designs that are eye-catching and relevant by today’s standards, creating a lasting impression and unique experience for all users.